5 ‘Hacks’ To Create A Budget-Wise Luxury Bathroom

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5 ‘Hacks’ To Create A Budget-Wise Luxury Bathroom

Creating a luxury bathroom does require a bit of investment. But you can reduce your costs by 10% to 20% if you’re shrewd about your design and product selections.

Here are five hacks you can use to get a premium bathroom without the premium price tag.


Bathroom Renovation

1. Brands

All bathroom products are available in budget, luxury and premium pricing brackets.

For example, if you see a tap fitting or tile in an expensive showroom, you’ll generally be able to find a lower cost version at an alternative supplier. As long as you’re not fixed on the exact same product, you can save thousands.

It just requires a bit of legwork or time looking at google images to find the products you like. Research = savings.


Bathroom Renovation

2. Vanity & Cabinetry

Premium bathroom vanities and cabinetry are usually custom made costing two or three times as an off the shelf vanity.

So, to keep your costs down, select your vanity off the shelf from a recommended bathroom supplier (of quality products). Then develop your bathroom’s design to facilitate that vanity. There are hundreds of smart designs available – online and in store.


Bathroom Renovation

3. Tiles

Tiles can range in cost from $10/m2 to $200/m2 depending on their origin, manufacturing process and the retailer they come from.

If there’s a particular look you like, shopping around to a few recommended suppliers can pay huge dividends – particularly if you’re tiling most of the walls in your bathroom.


Bathroom Renovation

4. Frameless, fixed panel shower screens

We love them. They look great and will generally save you a little on the cost of a fully enclosed shower.


Bathroom Renovation

5. Keep the same fixture locations

If your current layout’s not functional or in line with what you want, by all means – change it. However, keeping your waste and water points in the same locations will save quite a bit in plumbing rough in costs.


Author, Richard Armstrong is a director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group.

With more than a decade of home-renovation experience, Richard has helped hundreds of Melbourne clients modernise their homes to create spaces that better suit their lifestyle.