5 Expert Ideas To Make Your Small Bathroom Appear Larger

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5 Expert Ideas To Make Your Small Bathroom Appear Larger


If your bathroom is tight on space, don’t despair. With a little clever know-how you can make even the smallest of bathrooms appear larger. Employ these expert tricks for your next bathroom renovation to create the illusion of more space. 


1. Add more (or bigger) mirrors.

Mirrors reflect light around the room, so working with mirrors can easily have a big impact on your small bathroom. Consider these ideas: Opt for a larger mirror (wall to wall) for above your vanity; try extending the mirror above the vanity to another connecting wall; add a mirror above the bath area or choose a feature mirror in a style that suits your décor for a spare wall. See 101 Kitchen and Bathroom design ideas


2. Choose a large floor tile.

Large Tile

Don’t be tempted to choose a small or average-sized floor tile for your small bathroom, opting for a larger tile will work wonders to create a roomier-look, due to both size and less grout lines (which visually break up the space). Recommended for small bathrooms are a 600mm x 600mm sized tiles or 300mm x 600mm sized tile.

3. Select a light colour scheme.

White Bathroom

Choosing lighter colours – for floor and wall tiles, wall paint, your vanity and benchtop – is an easy way to create a lighter and brighter looking bathroom and make your space feel airier too. Try a light colour palette (in the same tone), and don’t discount white-on-white (think tiles, walls and fixtures) for your colour scheme either – white reflects light and helps open up a space. In contrast, dark shades will enclose a small space. See 101 Kitchen and Bathroom design ideas

4. Let in more light.

Natural Light

Ideally, you’ll want good lighting for your small bathroom, and not just for practical reasons either.
Throwing more light into your small bathroom will make it look more open and appear bigger (dull lighting will close in the space). To create a well-lit bathroom, first aim to maximise natural lighting (via a larger window or skylight, and remove anything outdoors that could be obscuring sunlight from entering the room too), then look for the best artificial lighting options to effectively brighten your small space. Discover seven clever lighting tips for bathrooms

5. Declutter your small space.

decluttered bathroom

It might sound simple, but it’s mighty effective. Keeping bathroom benches, sinks and shelves clear of clutter will keep your space looking clean, fresh and open. Avoid open shelving, opting for flat profile cabinetry instead. Cluttering with accessories or simply housing “too much stuff” will cramp your space and make it appear small. Plus, it will hinder all the other techniques you’ve used to make your small bathroom appear bigger. To help avoid this, choose a vanity with several drawers for storage. See 101 Kitchen and Bathroom design ideas

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