5 Bathtub Styles For Your Bathroom Renovation

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5 Bathtub Styles For Your Bathroom Renovation

No longer just a functional inclusion, your tub can transform your bathroom from practical and minimalist into the ultimate relaxation space. And with today’s sculptural designs, your bath can be an impressive-looking feature that oozes “wow-factor” too. To help find the perfect bathtub for your renovation, discover the benefits of these five bathtub styles:


Freestanding bathtub

Freestanding BathThe in-vogue freestanding bathtub is taking centrestage in many bathrooms and rightly so. With sculptural definition and depth too, their sight alone embodies relaxation and luxury.

Remember, unlike your standard tub, this bath style isn't built into an alcove – meaning it stands alone or is sometimes built into a raised platform or deck.

Stand-alone baths delivery a big visual presence.


From egg-shaped to oval and round, these tubs make a striking impression in bathrooms and are the perfect choice if you're after some "wow factor". Available in a range of sizes, lengths and depths, this is a great option for those wanting a long luxurious soak. Freestanding tubs work well in large bathrooms to combine a high-end look with the ultimate relaxation, pamper space.


These bathtubs look best in a spacious room where they can be elevated on a raised platform, situated alongside a window or in a spot where there is space around the tub (such as the middle of the room, which also makes cleaning easier) to show off its sculptural flair. For some people, extra deep freestanding baths may be hard to enter. This is also a more costly option.

Claw-foot tubs

Clawfoot BathThis very-traditional option, also a freestanding tub, is a throwback to the 1800s and the ultimate in elegance.

If you love the look but are not sold on the traditional versions, there are plenty of modern-takes on the claw-foot tub that mix classical elegance with contemporary style.

It's important to maintain a period style for your whole room to deliver the look you're after.



A claw-foot tub is elevated from the ground and a great way to show off your chosen tiles. The space underneath brings spaciousness to the room, allowing these tubs to create a harmonious look in average-sized bathrooms as well as large spaces.


This look works best in traditional or classical style bathrooms. May be hard for some people to enter.

Spa bath

Spa BathConsidered an indulgence and luxury, a spa bath has massage and whirlpool jets built into it. There are plenty of choices when it comes to size, depth and jet configurations too.

Spa baths have drifted out-of-favour in recent times but for those who love to lock themselves away in their bathing spaces, they're worth considering.



The ultimate luxurious fixture in your bathroom, this is a great way to turn your master bedroom ensuite into a pampering retreat space. Spa baths are a perfect antidote for tired and sore muscles or if ultimate relaxation is your goal.  


While corner spa baths are an option, ideally you'll have plenty of space for a deep tub or two-person spa. Spas can also be a little noisy and used far less than we anticipate.

Inset bathtub

Inset BathThis is your "standard" built-in bath, most often installed inside of tiled framework. But just because it's common and often a cheaper option, don’t discount what you can achieve here.

There are plenty of luxurious deep built-in tubs on the market in various shapes (rectangle, square, curved), as well as compact inset tubs for smaller spaces.



If you already have a standard tub in the bathroom, updating it to a more modern version but sticking to the same plumbing outlets is your easiest option, and will save time and money. Inset baths are a good choice if your bathroom is small, and are one way to maximise your space.


Lacks the luxurious look and feel of a freestanding bath.

Corner tubs

Corner BathOften chosen as a space-saving alternative, corner tubs work well in smaller bathrooms.

However, bigger spaces can also create a luxurious impression housing large corner tubs with spa-style extras (moulded back rests, arm rests, ledge/shelf for toiletries).




If designed into the room cleverly, this can create a more spacious feel as you are using less of the bathroom's floor space. Corner tubs can also be designed as a tranquil haven if positioned alongside a window or garden outlook.


A small corner tub may reduce comfort and isn't ideal if a long relaxing soak is your aim. This style is often harder to clean, especially reaching the back corner of the tub.

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