5 Bathroom Styles - Your Bathroom Inspiration

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5 Bathroom Styles - Your Bathroom Inspiration

Even the smallest of bathrooms can be big on style. From a pampering and relaxing space to a modern dramatic makeover or premium luxury escape, there’s much you can achieve with a little idea and style inspiration. Discover these on-trend styles to transform your bathroom space.

Modern BathroomModern Bathroom

The look: A functional modern space that looks fresh and stylish, featuring the latest on-trend design elements and colours to create a strong impression.

Create the look with these:

Colours – Still popular are white/off white, latte/chocolate tones and a combination of these. Emerging on-trend colours include grey (charcoal), black or timber (particularly as a feature accent). But when it comes to modern styling, a dash of just about any colour can go – perhaps a red glass splashback to make a scene or go mint green or aqua for a touch of modern yet tranquil.

Materials/fittings – A combination of matte and gloss/semi-gloss finishes; an oversized mirror spanning a raised double vanity with rectangular raised or semi-recessed basins; mixer taps; a frameless shower with an oversized showerhead. 

Standout features – A raised double vanity with high-gloss cabinetry; walk-in frameless shower with oversized square shower head and linear drain grate; oversized square or oblong tiling; a timber accent (such as a timber cabinetry to the vanity or as a feature wall) for a contemporary edge.


    Day Spa 

    Day Spa Bathroom
    The look: So much more than the functional bathroom space, this look creates a private retreat space for you to unwind, relax and feel pampered. It draws on the design, features, colourings and materials you’d expect to see at a five-star day spa.

    Create the look with these:

    Colours – Go for natural and earthy tones (cream, latte, touches of green and light browns), plus loads of white.

    Materials/fittings – A freestanding bathtub (ideally large and deep, if you have space) that takes centrestage in the room; a walk-in shower; bamboo-look cabinetry or feature wall; pebble/stone-look feature tiling (earthy colours); white walls and tiling. Add a touch of green with a plant, towels or nature-themed artwork; plus fresh flowers or greenery and bamboo accessories to complete the look.

    Standout features – A large egg-shaped freestanding bathtub; an off-the-ground bamboo/timber vanity with raised white basins; oversized frameless walk-in shower with rain/waterfall shower head.

    Classic BathroomClassic Bathroom

    The look: An easy-on-the-eye look that will impress yet stand the test of time, the classic-look bathroom often features round shapes (bathtub, showerhead, basins and tapware) and a blend of cream/white/latte colourings, while including a stylish blend of gloss and semi-gloss finishes to cabinetry and tiling.

    Create the look with these:
    Colours – Focussing heavily on the timeless shades of white, cream, latte and chocolate-brown, this bathroom presents an elegant feel and polished look. 

    Materials/fittings – Reconstituted-stone benchtops (to a double vanity) for a classic yet stylish extra; a corner spa bath offers a classic appeal and feel, large square gloss/semi-gloss ceramic tiling to floor and wall; rounded-edge tapware, such as an oversized round showerhead.
    Standout features – A large spa bath or rounded freestanding bath; high-quality marble-look tiling featuring a harmonious blend of white, cream and latte colourings.

    Opulent Bathroom

    Opulent Bathroom

    The look: An indulgent, luxury space, the opulent bathroom is ideally big on space and features only the best of everything from high-end fixtures/fittings to premium materials. It can be a fusion of the classic and modern bathroom looks.

    Create the look with these:

    Colours – Often draws on classic timeless shades of white/cream, potentially featuring hints of latte/black/timber to create visual contrast.

    Materials/fittings – Floor-to-ceiling high-quality tiling; a walk-in frameless oversized shower with rain/waterfall showerhead, oversized spa bath or large, deep freestanding bath; high-quality double vanity made for your space.

    Standout features – Sculptural luxurious freestanding bath or spa bath; custom-made double vanity with marble or reconstituted-stone benchtop and soft-closing drawers.


    Masculine BathroomMasculine Bathroom

    The look: A contemporary take on modern style, the masculine-look bathroom creates a striking impression and offers a dark and moody presence by drawing on a mix of grey, white, black and charcoal tones and a combination of textures too. Think rough-feel charcoal feature wall tiling, matte black oversized floor tiling and a sapphire glass splashback in black or white to the shower recess, matched with chrome tapware and a rectangular rainshower-style shower head.

    Create the look with these:

    Colours – Grey, charcoal, black, silver, with a subtle use of white (basins, bathtub). Mix and match tile colouring to create contrast and ensure black tiling doesn’t overpower the space.

    Materials/fittings – Gloss, matte and textured tile finishes (and a combination of all three within your space) will work well for this look; glass or oversized-tile splashback to shower; an oversized shower head; sharp/hard lines will create a strong impression, such as square tap fittings and a rectangular-style bath.

    Standout features – An oval-shaped mirror; a charcoal-coloured rough-feel tile feature wall, onyx glass splashback.

    To find out more about how you could renovate your bathroom, call The Makeover Group on 1300 768 464 for an obligation-free chat.