L to Z of Property and Home Styling
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    L to Z of Property and Home Styling

    See the L to Z of property and home styling to boost your home’s value. Home styling tips and tricks to sell your property for a better price. Part two of a two part series about property styling.

    Also, see the A to K of Property and Home Styling

    L is for Love your property. Buyers want to know that you’ve loved the property. That you’ve kept it in good condition, tidied it, kept it in vogue - that you’re house proud. Imagine the impression that a damaged letterbox or electrical wires hanging from the door bell give. They suggest the property’s unloved and will need quite a bit of work to make things right. Your property styling needs to ensure your home looks loved. It’s worth thousands.

    M is for Mow the lawn. Make sure your lawn gets a mow between open for inspections. All too often home sellers forget to do this, only doing a final mow on the morning of the auction.

    N is for No. You’ll need to use this word a lot over the coming weeks/months. You’ll say it to contractors who want to introduce variations (unless you’re dealing with the Makeover Group!), interfering friends and relatives who want to offer the free advice and other parties who want you to come round to their way of thinking. So, do your research and be firm!

    O is for Over-capitalisation. For example, putting in an in-ground pool in an area where no one else has one will mean most buyers won’t expect (or budget) for a pool. Make sure the enhancements you make are in line with market expectations.

    Property Styling – Your home is no longer yours. In fact, the sooner you consider it as a commercial, saleable ‘product’, the sooner your emotional attachments and conflictions disappear.

    Q is for Quick turnaround. Getting you property styling completed in a short timeframe is important so you can avoid holding costs. In fact, a one month delay on a property valued at $800,000 at 5.5% mortgage rate equates to $3,666 in holding costs.

    R is for Real Estate Agents. Speak to a few of them, visit their open for inspections, see how they perform at auctions. Do your research as often it comes down to the professionalism of the individual agent, not the agency they work for.

    S is for Selfless – Property Styling is about market appeal not what you like. Warm, accessible and modern colours and finishes ensure buyers can fall in love with THEIR new home.

    T is for Target buyers. Be specific about who your selling to. Singles, couples, families all have very specific housing needs so make sure your home styling is targeted to that group.

    U is for Under-selling. What happens if you rush your property to market without adequate home styling. Be sure you present your home in its best light, otherwise the buyer gets to add (and extract) the value on the minor enhancements that need to be done.

    V is for Value – What’s it worth? Purchase an online report to look at comparative sales in the area. That way you’re informed about your properties value.

    W is for Work budget – how much should you spend on home styling? Typically clients will allocate between 1 and 3% of the property’s value depending on the condition of the home.

    X is for Ex (as in divorce). As painful as it may be, try to have both parties on board for your property styling. It will make for a much better outcome.

    W is for Where you’re located. You can’t change it. If you’ve got million dollar views, great. If you’re parked under high voltage power lines so be it. You can only change the things you have the power to change.

    Z is for Zoo – Don’t let your place be one. Send pooch and kitty on a holiday for opens and auction.

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    Bio: Richard Armstrong is a Director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group. He possesses over a decade of home styling, property styling, design and building experience plus post graduate property qualifications. He has undertaken hundreds of home makeovers and renovations, covering both design and build. Educated in interior design, he is also a registered building practitioner who contributes to Australia’s leading property publications and websites.