A to K of Property and Home Styling
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    A to K of Property and Home Styling

    See the A to K of home and property styling to boost your selling price. Property styling tips and tricks to sell your home for more. Part one of a two part series about home styling.

    A is for Attitude – Your goal should be to increase your net value with property styling. In other words you could spend $1,000 on home styling to boost your sales price by $5,000 ($4,000 profit) or you could invest $5,000 on property styling to boost your price by $20,000 ($15,000 profit). That is well-planned property styling with the appropriate spend puts more money in your pocket.

    B is for Bold – In short, don’t be. Save the bold colours and finishes for the home you’re going to live in, not the one you’re selling. Keep the property’s appeal as broad as possible so that your home’s style attracts a market that’s also as broad as possible. That is, more interest from more buyers converts into more bids on auction day – and a better selling price.

    C is for Cleaning. No matter how clean or dirty your property, allocate at least 10 hours of cleaning to make it sparkle. Prospective buyers struggle to fall in love with last month’s cooking fat on the kitchen splashback, or your cat’s fur on the couch. If you’re short on time spend $200 - $300 on professional cleaners. Give it a military standard clean and add thousands in value. It’s worth it.

    D is for Dietes – or any other plant that is hardy enough to withstand Melbourne summers. Choose garden designs and plants that are low maintenance, cost effective and popular. Avoid fragile plants that just won’t last the distance.

    E is for Ego – don’t let yours get in the way. Remember successful home styling creates a style that appeals to the market tastes – not yours.

    F is for Furniture hire. Home styling with high quality furniture increases your property’s value. Property styling with low quality furniture lowers your home’s value. Don’t be caught out hiring the cheapest furniture. It will cost you a lot more than you could ever anticipate.

    G is for Garden. Give it clean lines, a focal point and maintain it.

    H is for Home styling. Treat your whole property as a ‘product’. Give each space a purpose and a wow factor that gives buyers something to remember.

    I is for Interior (vs Exterior). Ensure each of your interior spaces have a specific purpose. Remove ambiguity about each room’s purpose as the majority of buyers are unable to see beyond the room’s current use.

    J is for Junk. It has to go. Old sports gear, a little used car, books that just consume space – just get rid of them all. Successful home styling means moving them into storage and showing your home at its best. Nothing distracts buyers more than unused personal items left lying around the house. You don’t want your property to be remembered as ‘the one with all the junk’.

    K is for Kerbside appeal. Buyers usually do a drive by of your property to determine whether it’s worth visiting. Give them every reason to come inside. The front of your property sets the tone for what people should expect internally. Fresh paint, modern colours, landscaped gardens, attractive foliage all encourage buyers to investigate further.

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    Richard Armstrong is a Director of Melbourne firm The Makeover Group. He possesses over a decade of home styling, property styling, design and building experience plus post graduate property qualifications. He has undertaken hundreds of home makeovers and renovations, covering both design and build. Educated in interior design, he is also a registered building practitioner who contributes to Australia’s leading property publications and websites.