Positive Cashflow and Positive Gearing Property News

Recent articles about home styling and increasing property returns

Positive Cashflow and Positive Gearing Property News

The news and articles below explain how you can make your propertý cashflow positive or positively geared.

Using RentBuilder cashflow positive makeovers, you can put thousands of dollars back in your pocket each year.

Ugly House = Big Profits: Finding a Positive Cashflow Property

Buying a renovator’s delight and enhancing it to a positive cashflow property may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, given the current investment climate, investors need to be a little more creative in the way they find the right properties.

One way ‘non-renovators’ can do this is by having access to the right builder, who understands positive cashflow investments. This can add another string to your investment bow – turning unfeasible deals into winners.

This article looks at 5 “must do’s” when you’re looking to buy and renovate to create a positive cashflow property.

Investment Property Rejuvenation – 10 tips to plan for success

A big part of boosting your property cashflow with a makeover is planning for your investment property’s rejuvenation before the current tenants give notice. Here are ten questions people often ask.

Positive Cashflow Property in Ten Steps

A positive cashflow property enables property investors to grow their portfolio faster. This is because a property with positive cashflow allows financiers to satisfy themselves that you have adequate income to service any future debt you may take on. See ten tips for positive cashflow property.

10 questions to ask when choosing your building contractor

Asking the right questions when choosing you building contractor will probably save you thousands of dollars and months of heartache. Here are ten that will sort out who's right for you.

Makeover Your Investment Property’s Cashflow

The first step to understanding how Melbournians maximise their investment property cashflows is to understand what a cashflow positive investment property is and how these investment properties can best be optimized to generate income.

Landlords - Renovating for Profit

Renovating for profit is one of the top strategies that you, as a rental property investor, can use. Though many landlords do not put much thought into renovating for profit, the truth is that the small segment of investors who do renovate realise a much stronger cashflow. Simply put, making over your rental property, or renovating it for profit, is a very powerful and effective way to improve your cashflow.